Build your own Website

Web Design 101

In this website we will design, develop, publish and promote a website. We will introduce important web concepts, methods, tools and techniques to improve your presence on the net for a starting price of Eur100 (Basic 3 page layout)

Web Design - Advanced Topics

We could help you choose a Logo to improve your presence, and learn how you could evolve your website into a commercially viable e-business or e-commerce operation. This website will give you a first hand experience on certain tricks and secrets useful for all web publishers and webmasters.

Further Instruments to the website : -

Webmaster's Toolbox

The webmaster's tool box provides an assortment of free web development tools to help you find great domain names, add URLs to search engines, track hits, validate HTML, locate dead links and maintain your site.

Support Services

Are you looking for something specific about web design and development?  If so, send me an e-mail.  Further information about linking to website's and sharing via Facebook, is also available.

For more information e-mail me