The Busietta Saga

In 1951 Count Edward Sant Fournier and his wife Esther died suddenly at their home only 2 months apart, their son Alfred married to Eileen had 4 children, we shall refer to these as the Sant Fourniers siblings.

Their father was also taken ill soon after their mother Eileen died, the twins still aged 4 were sent from school to school with no real parents to care for them, in a dark world full of hungry wolves. Now when we say wolves, I mean the two legged sort, the ones such as administrators, curators, executors and hangers on, the sort that suck the living out of any ordinary man. And to add fuel to the raging fire, the Government was not so kind to them either.


For instance on the 23rd of August 1955 when the two younger children were merely ten years old, and the two girls about 13 and 15, the government of Malta decided to requisition their only habitable property in Valletta. An order was sent to the Administrator Baron Lino Testaferrata to release the property in question within 3 days of the letter. This infamous Requisition order numbered 15186, delegated by the ‘Minister of works and reconstruction’ as it was called then, forced many people to surrender their property to third parties under the Housing Act of 1949, which incidentally is still in force today.


Of course at that time this was the only property the children could claim as their own, with all their other properties and lands being occupied by tenants under this act, and with the administrator selling ‘at any price’ to keep the household liquid, who needed enemies. Unfortunately the requisition did happen, and most of the house was taken for ‘public use’, the rest of the house was more like a store than a house to live in. So with solid proof that the minors did not have any other property to live in, the Government still evicted and took over possession of the property in 1956. It was only released in 1967, where proof was given that the children had no place to live.


To make matters worse, and this is where ‘the partnership’ he created in his novel “The Autobiography”, both Adrian and Attard Montalto were appointed co-curators of Count Alfred Anthony because of his ill health, who was the father of his wife Eileen, Anthony, Alfred and Marie. These I can assure you are correct, and confirmed by decree 637/63 on the 7th June 1963. This is where his famous fantasy businesses and ventures come from, all the way until the year 1975 where the union was dissolved and the children were old enough to care for themselves. Of course many court cases were instituted by the sibling twins for misappropriation, but they being almost 20 years older and an experienced lawyer, things didn’t go as planned.


Another interesting document, dated 3rd October 1958, gives us an insight to the family and Adrian the pretender. In this document of marriage, he and his wife together with his Uncle John Fleri as curator of Eileen (his wife) received a dowry and property from her family. In 1958 she first received a lump sum of a thousand pounds in cash, eighty pounds per annum (a handsome sum for those days considering the minimum wage was circa 17 pounds per month), a bedroom suite, sitting room furniture worth two hundred and forty pounds, clothes to the value of four hundred and twelve pounds with a total value of almost another thousand pounds and a considerable sum in gold and jewellery. All this was well documented in the records of the late Count Sant Fournier and all very well documented in court decree vol. 972/58, decree no.4182/58 and also decree no. 393/58.


John Fleri was an accountant by profession, he was the Eileen’s curator and part time driver to Eileen and her siblings. Fleri’s parents were Benigno and Carmela nee’ Borg, from Vittoriosa and who himself lived in Valletta . All information well documented by a notarial decree 526/58 and 59/58.


So who is this pretender, who is Adrian Busietta really; we know his father was William and mother Evelyn Casolani, we also know he worked with the Air Corps Malta as a desk clerk. We also know that he was introduced to his wife through his Uncle John Fleri and that in his book claimed an ‘arranged’ marriage. He began to study accountancy after his engagement with Eileen, it was not becoming of a man to have no qualifications and be wed to a Noble woman. We know he comes from humble beginnings and married into Nobility and money, with no known titles of Nobility or any hereditary Palaces he can claim as his own, other than those he purchased with the money of his wife, now ex-wife.


Incidentally, the pretender claims in the book how his ex-wife had an affair herself, so let us assure all you people reading this. Eileen’s partner for many years Vince was a gentleman, a very caring person who was introduced to her after years of separation from her husband. He took care of her in the good times and the hard times, he even took care of her children like they were his own. To insinuate through this fictional book that she was having a secret extra marital affair is hitting below the belt. His affairs were famous, from the early days of his marriage with the ‘Pillow’ girl, and that he had been cheating on his wife for many years, with his lover and confidant Marie Angelique Caruana, where he openly admits how he loved her and even had a love child with her, and then point fingers at his innocent wife is cowardly.

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