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Our Organisation comprises of three founder members and three custodians to make a committee of 6 members. Most of us have been involved in animal welfare for a great part of our lives.

Over the years, various animal lovers and stray animal carers have contacted us asking for help. Most of these animal lovers suffer great hardships for the sake of their beloved stray animals. And so our organisation was set up to provide help to these carers and their stray animals. In the beginning, funds were raised to help with the feeding of stray cat colonies and stray dogs.

However, something had to be done about the ever increasing numbers of cats in stray cat colonies. A cat neutering program was started. Funds had to be raised to help these feeders neuter their cats and humanely control their colonies. SASG started providing neutering vouchers, free of charge, to a number of feeders of stray cat colonies. Traps and cat boxes are also made available to facilitate the trapping of feral cats. Members of our team also provide aftercare facilities for the neutered cats.

This programme has caught on like wildfire. SASG is contacted daily by new people who wish to spay and neuter their stray cats. The requests for help are so numerous that unfortunately it has become impossible to help all the feeders.

SASG needs donations and contributions from animal lovers to enable us to carry on with our work. The cost of neutering a stray female cat is Euro 35 and a stray male cat is Euro 20 (in both cases this includes medication and aftercare). Please, if you care for the welfare of stray animals, send your donations and help neuter a stray cat. Please help them live a happier and healthier life. Every little donation helps neuter a poor cat. Payment methods

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P.O. Box 31
St. Paul's Bay
SPB09 Malta

Mob: 79575765
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