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In addition to its main activity of neutering and re-homing stray animals, SASG is involved in several projects to improve animal welfare in Malta.

The first project was to provide a recovery center for cats that have just undergone surgery. Female cats need to be kept under observation and given medication for a few days after they have been spayed. Most carers and feeders are unable to look after these cats after their operation so we offer this facility to encourage them to neuter their cats.

This garage, owned by a member of SASG, has been changed into a recovery center where up to 14 cats can kept for recovery at any one time. The cats are looked after, and medicated, by Janine during their recovery period.

Neutered cats arriving at the recovery center where they will stay for a few days. Traps are also made available to carers of cat colonies to facilitate the catching of these feral cats.

The concept of 'cat cafes' has long been embraced by most European and other countries world-wide as well as Hoteliers all over the world. A cat cafe can be established in any place where there is an existing cat colony. This area is declared as a cat friendly zone by the local council/hotel that would like to put animal welfare on its program. A feeding table and cat shelters are provided in this area. The feeder of the colony and visitors are encouraged to feed the cats at this station only, thus ensuring that the cats are kept in the area and discouraged from roaming too far. This also ensures that the surrounding areas are keep clean and free of littering by well meaning animal lovers.

This is one such 'cat cafe' that was provided for the cats living in the gardens of the Ramla Bay. SASG member, Michelle, can be seen feeding the cats as they welcome her to their feeding station. Michelle keeps an eye on this colony and ensures that all the cats here are neutered.

The Floriana Council should be highly praise for their initiative in contacting us after agreeing to establish some 'cat cafes' in 3 public gardens in Floriana. Not only did they agree to build the feeding tables but they also provided some large kennels to provide shelter for the stray cats in these gardens. The stations were erected at Boffa Gardens, Preziosi Gardens and St. Philip's Gardens (Argotti) Unfortunately, the chairman of the Malta Embelishment and Landscaping took exception to the 'cat cafe' at Argotti and has ordered its removal. This feeding station has now been moved to the garden in front of the Floriana Cauncil building while the cats at Argotti have been left without shelters and without a feeding station. .

This photo shows another 'cat cafe' being erected at the Sea Bank Hotel in Mellieha. The hotel management agreed to build a feeding station and establish a feeding area where their guests are encouraged to feed and enjoy the company of their cat colony. The gazebo in now complete and provides a sheltered area where the cats are fed daily by the guests. Sasg members have neutered all the cats at the hotel.

Members of SASG encourage local councils and hoteliers to adopt the concept of a 'cat cafe' in their area as this will be to the advantage of their locality. A delilict eye-sore can easily be transformed into an attractive recreation area and declared a cat-friendly zone by the council. A feeding station and a few cat shelters can easily be provided by every council. This will serve to encourage cleanliness and to educate their community into caring for the abandoned, homeless and hungry poor creatures, who were calously abandoned by uncaring owners. SASG would undertake to neuter the stray cats in these areas.

Another project was to improve, by building a shelter, the facilities at a carer's enclosed location which housed many animals. SASG worked with volunteers and together they provided the funds which enabled the volunteers to make the improvements

The shelter serves as a temporary home for dogs and cats that have been rescued, usually from life threatening situations.

Cats having a dinner al fresco

We encourage people to adopt rescued dogs and cats if they are looking for a faithful companion. We also encourage the public to visit the shelter to choose their own animal or alternatively to sponsor one of these loving friends.

Homed animals shows some of our success stories. In 2006 we re-homed 72 cats in Germany, 7 cats in Switzerland, and 38 cats and kittens in Malta. We also re-homed 36 dogs and puppies in Germany and 18 in Malta.