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Stray Cat Neutering

A few months after the organisation was set up , in 2004, it embarked on a major project, namely cat neutering. A German Animal Welfare organisation, agreed to help fund a limited number of neutering vouchers per month. The program took off and cat feeders and carers of cat colonies were contacting us asking for help to neuter their colonies and control the growing population of stray cats. By 2008 SASG opened its first Charity Shop, and in 2009 its second, and the organization was then able to fund its own neutering campaign.

Hungry and undernourished cat colony

Although SASG has issued approximately 1400 vouchers every year, the problem of cat neutering is nowhere near solved. Every year more and more feeders come to us asking for help. Unfortunately our financial resources are limited and it is not always possible to help everybody.

In some instances, the carer of the colony needs more than vouchers to get the colony neutered. Some have no experience in catching the feral cats; others have no means of transport to take their cats to the vets. SASG tries to encourage people from the same area to work together. Giving each other a hand makes the job much lighter. A number of traps are available to facilitate the catching of the feral cats.

Stray cats that have undergone a neutering intervention require a few days to recover, especially in the case of female cats. SASG provides after-care facilities for those who need it. Cats are cared for at our premises for a few days and then handed back to their carer to be released back into their colony.

A few of our member friends have transported cats to and from the vets’ for those who are unable to transport the cats themselves. More volunteers are needed for this aspect of cat neutering.

More and more people are now aware that the answer to control the stray cat population is by neutering. What the organisation has achieved so far is only the beginning. We need your help to bring the situation under control.