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Our next fund raising activity will be held on Friday, 10th July 2015, at 8.00 pm. We are organizing a Buffet/BBQ by the pool area at the Danish Village in Mellieha. This 5 course meal includes starter menu, pasto dishes (vegetarian dishes), pasta and soup, bbqued foods with potatoes, veg and rice, glass of wine or soft drink, cakes and fruit, coffee. DJ in attendance.
Price for Adults 22 Euro per person and Children 10 Euro each.
For Bookings and more information:
Contact: Margaret on 79380103 or 21380103 or Janine on 79575765

Check our page for homing cats and sponsoring cats - so many new cats that need your support. If you cant adopt please sponsor one. Check out our sponsoring page.

Annual Report for 2013; including financial account, can be found at bottom of NEWS page.

On the 1st September 2008 we opened our first charity shop. This is situated at 23 Fuxa Street, San Gwann.
In April 2009 we opened our second charity shop in Qawra Road, Qawra.
In April 2013 we opened our furniture shop. This is also situated in Qawra Road, Qawra, just a few meters down the road from our original Qawra shop.
Another SASG Charity Shop is situated in St Paul's Street, Bormla (close to Senglea arch).

SASG began its neutering campaigne in 2004. All proceeds from our shops go towards the neutering and feeding of stray cat colonies. Since the opening of o ur shops we have suceeded in neutering an average of 1500 stray cats every year.
We need all sorts of goods - used and new - to keep our shops well stocked. Please help by donating any unwanted ornaments, books, pictures, plants, pottery,furniture, etc, etc. Surplus stock or old stock which your business can spare will be much appreciated. We are also able to take furniture for our shop in Qawra. All funds will go towards helping stray animals. Volunteers for the shops are also welcome.
Contact: Margaret on 79380103 or 21380103 or 27000103

We have moved one of our Qawra Shops to bigger premises, just down the road. WE NOW ACCEPT AND SELL FURNITURE. Please help and donate any unwated pieces.
Contact: Kris on 7946 9668


Throughout 2013 SASG volunteers had a very busy year and worked hard to raise funds for the organization. The bulk of the funds went towards the neutering of stray animals and towards food for stray cat colonies that are looked after by members and helpers of SASG. Shop sales, fundraising activities and donations gave us a total income of 81,315 Euros for the year.

In 2013 we neutered 1,471 stray cats from several colonies from every corner of the island.

Funds raised from our charity shops, other fund raising activities, as well as donations from well-wishers were spent as follows:-
21295.00 Rent (shops, store, cat ward)
25555.59 Neutering and medication of stray cats
27221.06 Food for stray cat colonies, recovery cats and rescued cats
1744.07 Litter for recovery cats and rescued cats
570.00 Donations to other NGOs
1574.87 Telephone//Water and Electricity bills
672. 60 Transport expenses
319.48 Others (advertising, stationery, etc)
150.00 Accountant

Our heartfelt thanks go to our dedicated shop staff who give their time voluntarily and work so hard in the Charity Shops to raise these much needed funds. We also thank all the kind and generous people who donate good stuff to our shops thus enabling us to help stray animals and hopefully give them a better life. We also thank our kind sponsors who regularly send their much needed donations. And last but not least we thank the vets who give us discounted prices for the neutering of stray cats thus enabling us to do so much more.

During this year we organized a couple of fund raising lunches and a summer night dinner which were very well attended. Some friends of SASG also organized another summer night dinner which raised over 1,800 Euro plus a donation of 1,000 Euro from a well-wisher who was unable to attend. We received a donation of 214 Euro from an event (a summer concert) that was organized by Mrs. Muscat (wife of the PM).

Throughout the year some of us worked hard to keep cat colonies under control. We spend hours catching and trapping cats and running them to the vets for neutering. We also spend hours looking after them and giving them post operation care before they are released back into their colonies. We thank all the volunteers who dedicate so much time into looking after these colonies and daily going out to look after and feed these colonies to ensure the stray cats and dogs received their daily feed.

SASG has a number of rescued cats under their care, cats that for various reasons cannot be put back outside. These cats would like to have sponsors who would adopt them as their own, but will still be looked after by SASG. These cats are up for sponsoring on our web site. It is only Euro 5 a month to sponsor one of these cats. Please check out our cats and choose your own adoptee that you can visit any time.

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Some of our rescued cats that are looking for loving homing can be seen on our homing page. If you can offer one of them a home please contact Janine on 79575765. If you cannot adopt a cat, you might like to help by sponsoring one until a good home is found. Or you could sponsor one of our not-so-sociable cats. Check out our sponsoring page.