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SASG endeavours to find homes for some of the animals in its care. We have a number of cats suitable for homing. All animals have been neutered and vaccinated and will settle happily into any good home. If you wish to offer a good home to one of our stray animals Contact us.

Cats looking for a home

Throughout the past few years we have found good homes for several cats and dogs both in Malta and also abroad, mainly in Germany. All animals in our care are rescued animals that may have been abandoned by irresponsable owners. Others may have lost their beloved owners who unfortunately passed away and who no family member was willing to adopt. We hope that a second chance may be offered them. They have lots of love to give and will make faithful and loving companiions.

Should you be unable to adopt a cat, you can opt to sponsor one of these lovely cats and have your own pet away from home. This will help us with the expenses involved until a good home turns up for the cat. Check out also our not-so-homable cats on our sponsoring page.

Homed animals