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WARD In 2004 SASG set up a small station where rescued cats could be provided with a temporary shelter until a permanent home could be found for them. This tiny flat was converted into a 'ward' where rescued and injured cats could be medicated and looked after until they recovered. Once the cats are fully recovered we start looking for new homes for these rescued cats.

SASG receives many calls from feeders of cat colonies reporting injuries and accidents to cats in their care or stray dogs. Operations on injured animals, medication and treatment require a lot of funds. Operations have to be paid for and medication has to be bought. Many times these feeders cannot afford to pay for the treatment of these animals. The Stray Animals Support Group pays the veterinary expenses and keeps the injured animals during the recovery period.

Over the last few years a considerable number of rescued cats have found shelter with us and many have, since, been happily re-homed. One such cat was Pete rescued by Josette and brought to us for recovery. His eye was surgically removed after he was hit by a car. Pete was absolutely terrified when he first arrived. As he recovered he became more and more trusting and changed into a marvelous, gentle little cat.

This is Pete after receiving tender care and attention at our recovery centre by our members. Pete is now happily homed with a very loving couple in Switzerland.

Lewis, a young one-eyed cat, was dumped by his owner. He was brought to us in a very bad state. Lewis spent a few months in our recovery centre where he grew healthy and recovered. Lewis can be seen enjoying a new start in Homed animals

Keeping this ward open requires funds. The rent of the ward is 150 per month. The food and litter requirements are about 400 per month. Then there are the vets to be paid. Many of the injured cats need operations, medication, blood-tests, vaccines. Daily care is volunarily given by our members.

Little Holly was found in this terrible condition. The infection was spreading all over her face. There was no choice but to have her eye removed. The operation to remove her eye was Eur 85.

Sweet little Holly recovering from her eye op. She has only partial sight in her remaining eye. Now Holly needs daily medication.

Unfortunately, at present we do not have sufficient fund to keep the ward open. This means that there will be no place for the cats to go for recovery. It would also mean we would have no place where to keep rescued abandoned cats until they can be re-homed. PLEASE help us keep this 'ward' open. We need your monthly donation to enable us to carry on with this voluntary work. Payment methods OR contact us: SASG, PO Box 31, St. Pauls Bay, Malta.

A few of the cats that have received shelter at the ward. Many of these cats have now found new homes and have started a new life with loving and caring owners. Many now live in Germany, a few in Switzerland and some in Malta.

Dog seriously injured by Shotgun pellets

Sometimes calls are received reporting acts of cruelty on cats and dogs. One such case was a dog shot in the thigh. After treatment by the vet, the dog was taken to the animal shelter run by Francise, where he was daily medicated and cared for by Francise herself. Fortunately this dog made a full recovery.