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Some stray animals are too feral to be homed and cannot be released back into their natural environment for various reasons. They may be injured, too old, or handicapped. These animals are cared for at one of our shelters and given the love and attention they deserve.

Also sometimes animal lovers may not be able to have a pet. They may be away from home a lot of the time. Their house may be unsuitable or pets may be banned in their residence.

YOU CAN ADOPT YOUR OWN PET AWAY FROM HOME. Please check out our non home-able cats and help with his/her upkeep. You can help by sponsoring one of these animals, making a monthly, quarterly, or annual donation. Your name will be recorded on the web site alongside your chosen pet's picture. You can visit your pet any time.

You can sponsor an animal unsuitable for homing OR you can chose to sponsor any one of our cats looking for a home, while the are living at our shelter waiting to find a home. Some of them are with us for long months, and some for years, hoping to be adopted.

These are our CATS needing Sponsors and Sponsored CATS

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